Glass Horse Theatre Company




A contemporary retelling of the Orpheus myth written by Sarah Ruhl that explores Eurydice's journey through the underworld from her perspective, as she fights to regain herself and reunite with her true love. I was happy to join up with The Glass Horse Theatre Company again to help create another visual identity. It is a small part of the process when making performance art but I take pride in working alongside such fun and passionate creatives every time.


I may be reaching with this illustration

As the play is a retelling of ancient myth from a new point of view we looked to find the balance between a modern visual style while harkening back to the original tragedy. A story of love that crosses multiple planes of existence, even as everything breaks around them, they continue to fight to be with each other. The poster looks to represent that longing and duality of the two worlds the lovers are living in.

I can't explain why but when creating book covers or promotional materials for theatrical productions there seems to be a natural inclination to use silhouettes as the main subject, I am even guilty of this myself. With this poster the director, Taylor Corbett, and I were on the same page that we were looking to step away from that. Lean into something more bold and slightly graphic to grab the viewer's attention. I knew the cracked texture work of the poster was going draw a lot of focus so there was a balance that needed to be found with how much detail to be shown in the hands.